I am here to assist you in understanding what energy is and how to use energy in your daily lives. One of the tools that I use to do my energy work is stones and crystals because of their energetic properties.

Through my energy work; classes and workshops; shows and talks; you may find them inspirational, informative and hopefully will help and guide you in achieving what you want in your life.

This website is associated with another website www.MbecStoneCrystals.com which is the e-commerce website of stones and crystals currently under construction.

The Website

YingYingChung.com is designed with the look and feel to reflect the work that I do.

The color of green represents our connection with nature and our planet. The different shades of green represent nature, life, and growth.

At the top of each page is a spider web. I chose the spider web because the energy that we hold is like a spider's web. The water drops on the web represent the energetic blockages in our bodies. Of course, our blockages are much harder and larger than the water drops, but they are a good reflection of what is happening in our bodies.

The spider is very smart because it creates the web outside as a tool for survival; unlike humans who create the web inside our bodies as a tool to sabotage ourselves. We create the web inside of us to hold the energy that causes us pain. At time goes by, the energy that we hold may become diseases and other physical ailments.

On each page of the website, you can see a logo which is a symbol from Africa. The symbol is called Mbec (pronounced as m-beh). It is an ancient African word that means Energy or Ch'i. Absolutely everything perceived or imagined is "mbec" or energy. Everything that exists is a specific vibrational state of mbec.

By transforming this vibrational state, change can be created through the constructions of a new vibrational state. This practice of the transformation, manipulation and manifestation of mbec is at the heart of Ghedee practice which I follow.

The Ghedee practice is not a religion and is not part of any organized system of religion. Its primary focus is physical, mental, and emotional healing. Ghedee can be classified as Traditional African Medicine.

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